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Since 1948, and with more than 65,000 installations worldwide, RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Company of Emeryville, California, has provided industry and government with a wide variety of high quality, reliable remote communications systems and RTU's for data logging, alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, reporting and control. Additionally, RACO offers systems with the ability to run SCADA, PLC annunciation and process control applications.

RACO's product line ranges from interactive, wireless data communications systems to alarm autodialing systems, which enables RACO to provide a solution for any delivery technology utilized—landline, cellular wireless and cellular control channel wireless. Alarms can be reported to computers, standard phone, cell phone, pager, or voice mail systems.

RACO products include:
  •® — a Web-based remote maintenance, monitoring, control and alarm notification system
  • Catalyst® — the first integrated data logging and alarm notification system
  • Chatterbox® — a time-proven remote monitoring system
  • Guard-It® — a cost-effective choice for remote monitoring and alarm notification
  • Cellularm® — an innovative cellular voice and data communications system; all systems used in landline applications can be packaged with Cellularm for use in cellular wireless applications
For additional information on any of the products listed above, please contact us.

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